Exactly one year ago, on April 02, 2020 Vision was released for iOS and today celebrates its first anniversary.

In this year, the app Vision, as well as our personal Vision, has grown a lot.
With this article, we would like to introduce you to everything that has happened this year and take you on a trip down our memory lane.

But before that, are you already a Vision user?

If not, download it now: https://app.vision-crypto.com/link/download

What has happened?

April 2020
- Release for iOS and Android
- App Update 1.0.4 …

In the last 2 months Vision has grown a lot. From the addition of new assets, to the integration of dApps or positive changes for you users, a lot has happened!
What exactly happened and what Vision offers you can be read here.


  • New added assets (A, SWINGBY, SUN, HUSD, BRG, UP, ASLA, UNI, 888, TGCT, CHZ and 55 more!), which can be stored, traded and swapped
  • Our own Token VSN is now included in the referral program as a reward. How our referral program works, you can read here
  • VSN got listed on Bololex
  • The staking rewards of…

During the months of July and August a lot has happened, from the last plans and realization for our new project, to the release of our project, which is our own token called VSN!
A lot has happened around that time, what exactly happened, you will find out now in this article.

What happened?

  • Added new assets to the wallet and portfolio(TWJ, GHOST, NPXS, EDI, HLX, FAT, AMPL, KLV)
  • Added new assets to the portfolio (DFI)
  • Published our whitepaper
  • Launched our own token VSN
  • More new features, including: Daily reward, VSN staking, payback in VSN for making transactions and using…

From today, August 19th, our token Vision (VSN) is available in our app!

Start earning VSN now and increase your rewards by staking VSN!
How you can do this, what other features and details there are about VSN, you will find out now!

VSN is a TRC-10 token running on the TRON blockchain which can be used in the app and is an addition to already existing and new features.

The month of June was full of new additions, from adding 9 new tokens, up to a new blockchain and a new exchange connection, we also added a new feature.

What kind of new feature this was and what else happened in June, you can find out now!

What happened? - Added New Tokens (AVA, OXT, MATIC, RSV/RSR, UBT, TWJ) - Added a New Blockchain (VeChain, including VET and VTHO) - Added a New Exchange Connection (Huobi) - Added a New Swap Asset (AVA) - Added a New Feature (Candlestick-Chart) - Added a Suggestion Box on our website - Community…

The month of May brought many ups and downs. From problems with the Google Play Store, to more than 10,000 new installations, as well as the addition of new features, the month was very exciting for us.

What happened in May and what Vision has experienced and achieved can be read in this article.

What happened? - Community Growth of more than 1,000 people - Milestone: +10,000 New Installs - Added New Tokens ( LINK, BNB, TEL) - Added New Blockchains (DigiByte, Binance Chain) - Added New Features ( referral Program, staking, buy crypto widget powered by Binance) - Improvements

Vision has released several new features with its new app update, including the referral program.

What the referral program is, how it works and what you have to consider, you will learn in this article!

What is the purpose behind the referral program? You help us spread Vision and we reward you for it! You will get a referral link. With this link, you can refer Vision to different people and will be rewarded with crypto for a successful referral. The more people you refer to, the bigger your share of the pool and ultimately your weekly reward. Sounds pretty…

The month of April was very exciting for Vision, since this time all the work was not only done in the background, but a lot could be brought to the outside.

What happened? - Release of Vision for iOS and Android - Community Growth of more than 3000 people - More than 4000 Installations - Multiple App Updates (Bug fixes and improvements, added lock screen, hide sensitive information while locked, chart range color highlighting) - Presented the NewTokenTuesday and the related weekly polls - Added a new few TRC10 and TRC20 Tokens ( JUST, USDJ, TERC, SEED, IGG, BTZC) …

Three of our Main Features: Market Overview, Portfolio and Exchange
Three of our Main Features: Market Overview, Portfolio and Exchange
Market Overview, Portfolio, Exchange

We, also known as Tron Society, have been working on Vision for more than half a year now and can’t wait to show you the full extent of the app and let you try it out!

Now we can finally tell you that Vision is available for iOS and Android!

Download it here:
AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1500186931
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eletac.tronwallet

Vision stands for a goal that you want to hold on to.
A direction in which one wants to move.
The goal, our belief in the blockchain technology, in the decentralized system, in change - we all share the same vision!

Vision - Crypto

Vision is a crypto portfolio tracker with an integrated multi-chain wallet. It also offers an exchange, market overview, personalized analyses and much more…

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