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3 min readApr 2, 2021


Exactly one year ago, on April 02, 2020 Vision was released for iOS and today celebrates its first anniversary.

In this year, the app Vision, as well as our personal Vision, has grown a lot.
With this article, we would like to introduce you to everything that has happened this year and take you on a trip down our memory lane.

But before that, are you already a Vision user?

If not, download it now:

What has happened?

April 2020
- Release for iOS and Android
- App Update 1.0.4
- Weekly Integration of new tokens
- Blockchain added (DASH)
- Tokens added (BTZC, IGG, SEED, SXP, JUST, USDJ)

May 2020
- App Update 1.0.43
- Binance integration (Chain, BNB, widget, exchange connection, swap pairs)
- Start of our Referral program
- Tokens added (LINK, DGB, BNB, TEL)

June 2020
- Features implemented(Candlestick-Chart, Transaction history)
- Exchange Connection added(HUOBI)
- Tokens added (AVA, OXT, MATIC, RSV, RSR, UBT, VET)

July 2020
- Tokens added (TWJ, GHOST, NPXS, EDI, HELEX, FAT)

August 2020
- Token release from VSN - including staking, daily reward, payback, and referral reward
- VSN listing on TronTrade
- VSN listing on Coinmarketcap
- Tokens added (DFI, KLV)

September 2020
- VSN as referral reward
- Higher staking rewards for VSN
- Tokens added (A, SWINGBY, SUN, HUSD, BRG, UP, ASLA, STA)

October 2020
- VSN listing on Bololex
- Integration of Walletconnect
- Tokens added (+45 tokens, including UNIFI, TGCT)

November 2020
- VSN listing on Poloni Dex
- Tokens added (YFDAI, OCEAN, 11 Fan tokens, SPKL, ORN, MILK, WIZ)

December 2020
- Tokens added (EXNX, TWT, WOZX, EXMR, GRT)

January 2021
- New website
- Crossfire participation
- Tokens added (1INCH, BUSD, MPH, stXEM)

February 2021
- App Update 1.2.4
- Launch of Youtube channel
- Youtube explanation videos (“What is Bitcoin?”, “What are Altcoins?”)
- Weekly pool for the referral program has been increased
- Tokens added (GDAO, AAVE, DAO, KODX, REEF)

March 2021
- Youtube explanation video (“What are Smart Contracts?)
- Tokens added (VGX, NORD, FTT, SKL, ANKR)

April 2021

Vision has grown strongly throughout the year and now accounts to:
500+ assets for the portfolio
141 assets for the wallet
58 assets for the swap
3000+ swap pairs
10 blockchains

Not only the app itself has grown abundantly, but also the users and supporters!

Vision now has a total of over 70,000 installs on Android and iOS, and over 7000 supporters on all social media platforms!

We would like to thank every single person who has walked the path with us and supported us so far! We are definitely not at the end yet, the coming year will bring just as much as the previous one.
We are looking forward to continuing shaping vision together and sharing our further plans with you in the near future!

If you are not yet following us on our journey to fulfill our common vision, please feel free to check out our social media platforms.


We would also be very happy about any feedback, be it via our social media channels or a rating!


We all share the same vision! ❤



Vision - Crypto

Vision is a crypto portfolio tracker with an integrated multi-chain wallet. It also offers an exchange, market overview, personalized analyses and much more…