Vision — Referral Program

Vision has released several new features with its new app update, including the referral program.

What the referral program is, how it works and what you have to consider, you will learn in this article!

What is the purpose behind the referral program?
You help us spread Vision and we reward you for it!
You will get a referral link. With this link, you can refer Vision to different people and will be rewarded with crypto for a successful referral.
The more people you refer to, the bigger your share of the pool and ultimately your weekly reward.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Make crypto with little effort!

However, there are a few things to consider.
Let’s first go through the referral dashboard to define a few keywords, then talk about conditions, and ultimately how you can refer people.

Referral Dashboard

The Referral Dashboard

Total Earned: Here you can see how much money you have already earned in total by referring to others.
Referral Power: The referral power shows you how big your share in the reward pool is. Ultimately, referral power stands for the number of people referred, but the proportion decreases smoothly.
Weekly Reward: The weekly reward shows you an approximate value, which changes permanently depending on your referral power. It can always change.
Referred: This shows you how many people you have already referred to in total, which is considered as referred persons. (User must have Vision installed and should be logged in)
Available: This shows you how many rewards you have available to withdraw.
Withdrawn: It stands for the total value you have already withdrawn.

1. You must have Vision installed.
2. You must have a wallet on Vision.
3. You must be logged in.

How can I refer people?

1. Copy the link in your referral dashboard and send it to people you recommend Vision to.
2. After the referred person has opened your link, installed Vision, and logged in, this person is considered as referred.
3. The person will be added to your referral dashboard, so your referral power and your weekly reward will change and you will ultimately participate in the weekly reward distribution

That’s it! It is an easy way to earn more cryptos for your wallet!

Keep this in mind
1. Your referred person can only be considered as referred if he/she has downloaded Vision and signed up, otherwise, he/she is not counted as referred.
2. Your referral power decreases fluently, as the share of each user does not become too large after a longer period of time, and newcomers also have a chance to have a share of the weekly pool.
3. You can only withdraw your rewards when you have collected a total of $10 before this is not possible.
4. The payout may take some time, and we will not immediately credit your wallet, as we review and process each request individually.
5. You can only recommend one person once, multiple referrals to one person are not possible and not allowed

Now that you have received all the information about the new feature of the referral program, you can start referring others and earning cryptos!

Have fun with it!

Vision is available for iOS and Android.

Feel free to follow our journey of building Vision on all our Social Media platforms!




Vision - Crypto

Vision - Crypto


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