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2 min readMay 17, 2021

Vision is currently in a phase of expansion and is aiming for big and great goals. This growth requires some changes that we would like to present to you in this article.

App Rebuild

We are in the process of doing a back and frontend rebuild of the Vision App, which will allow us to offer more features and more blockchains.

Daily Rewards, Paybacks, Staking, and Referral Rewards
The current daily reward program, paybacks, staking and referral rewards will be removed on May 30th, and replaced with a high APY staking feature in the future.

PRO subscription
The Pro subscription will end and be replaced by the current PRO features, which will remain by holding a certain amount of VSN in the wallet.
Existing PRO members will be compensated. (More information will follow soon)

Token Conversion

We have decided to convert the current VSN TRC10 token into a TRC20 token. The TRC20 token offers us more possibilities and can thus be represented on more blockchains in the future.
For this change, the TRC10 token will be delisted on the exchanges PoloniDex on May 28th and on TronTrade on May 30th, 2021.
We will inform every VSN holder about the conversion in due time. How it will take place and how you can swap the TRC10 token into the TRC20 token, we will tell you soon!

Apart from that, a token burn is planned, which will occur after the completion of the conversion.


We partnered with the sports and technology company 428 Athletics, which is an excellent way to get blockchain and crypto out there. We are currently working on an application that will introduce new members and companies to Crypto and DeFi with ease.

We can’t wait to tell you more, but more information will come on our social media channels!


We are aware that some changes will be significant for our daily VSN users. Still, we assure you that they will be as smooth as possible and you will be amply compensated.
The changes will give us many opportunities, making VSN more extensive and more successful, benefiting everyone.

We hope you understand!

If you are not yet following us on our journey to fulfill our common vision, please feel free to check out our social media platforms.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VisionCryptoApp
Telegram: https://t.me/vision_crypto_en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCimUWXxI_647FX312bQBMNA
Medium: https://medium.com/@visioncryptoapp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vision_crypto_app/

We would also be very happy about any feedback, be it via our social media channels or a rating!

Download: https://app.vision-crypto.com/link/download

We all share the same vision! ❤



Vision - Crypto

Vision is a crypto portfolio tracker with an integrated multi-chain wallet. It also offers an exchange, market overview, personalized analyses and much more…