Monthly Report - September & October 2020


In the last 2 months Vision has grown a lot. From the addition of new assets, to the integration of dApps or positive changes for you users, a lot has happened!
What exactly happened and what Vision offers you can be read here.


  • New added assets (A, SWINGBY, SUN, HUSD, BRG, UP, ASLA, UNI, 888, TGCT, CHZ and 55 more!), which can be stored, traded and swapped
  • Our own Token VSN is now included in the referral program as a reward. How our referral program works, you can read here
  • VSN got listed on Bololex
  • The staking rewards of VSN were increased from 8% to 18% for free users, for PRO users they were increased from 12% to 25%, what VSN is and what advantages it has, you can read here
  • WalletConnect has been added for Android and iOS, so you can now connect Vision with various Ethereum dApps
  • Integration of UNIFI protocol
  • Fixed bugs
  • Community growth of 700+ people

Since the release Vision has grown a lot and it doesn’t stop, every month, every day we work on it, so the process of Vision won’t stop.

We thank each of you who have been with us from the beginning of our journey to build our Vision and we are happy about everyone who will join us in the future!

Feel free to check out or social media channels.


We would also be very happy about any feedback, be it via our social media channels or a rating!


Thank you for your support!



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