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2 min readSep 24, 2021


Together with 428 Athletics, we have built a Bitcoin ASIC and GPU mining farm in the USA and we want you to join us and be a part of it!

We are working on a system where everyone can participate in mining bitcoin, in the future also mining of other coins.
Initially, we will be offering to purchase the whole system, including the miner and set-up, as well as running costs, or a minimum purchase of part of the miner.
Early adopters will also be founders with us and eventually share in the profits of the pool fees.

How to join?

In order to join, you need our Miner Token (MNR). To purchase the Miner Token (MNR), you must contact us, 428 Athletics or WARP.
With every miner we acquire and set up, 21,000,000 MNR tokens will be newly issued. In the first round of sales, a batch of 10 miners will be sold, so there will be 210,000,000 MNR tokens in circulation.

To participate, you must purchase at least $1000 worth of MNR tokens to buy a miner proportionally. The purchase price will become less as we progress and have more participants.

From the second year onwards, there will be a fee for our hosting and providing electricity, which will have to be paid monthly.

What do you get?

As an MNR token holder, you’ll receive a monthly payout from the entire mining pool. The monthly amount paid out is calculated on the basis of your share of the pool, the more MNR tokens you own, the larger your share of the pool is.
The amount paid out will vary each month depending on the network hash rate, our total hash rate, the price of bitcoin, and the cost of electricity.


With the Bitcoin mining farm, we offer everyone the opportunity to participate in bitcoin mining. From a starting purchase value of $1000, you can already join and expect an APR of 20–50%. You can continue to deposit money to increase your share in the mining pool. The share is decisive for the amount you ultimately receive each month.

If you would like to be an investor and have always been interested in bitcoin mining, please contact us and we will explain the process to you.

If you are not yet following us on our journey to fulfill our common vision, please feel free to check us out!







We would also be very happy about any feedback, be it via our social media channels or a rating!


We all share the same vision! ❤



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